Portfolio – Dreamland Margate

Dreamland Margate

Early in 2015, we were approached to do some work on the old site at Dreamland, Margate, in order to help realise the vision of The Dreamland Trust to be able to open in summer 2015.  While we started out doing relatively small jobs around the site, our dedication, hard work and quick turnaround soon saw us getting more and more of the work in bringing this heritage fun park back to its full former glory.  By May 2015, we were principal contractors, involved in  practically all aspects of the site, and tasked with getting the park open by 19th June! Our input included:

  • Block paving the whole park
  • Putting all the ride bases in
  • Building the toilet facilities
  • Completely renovating the interior and creating the Roller Disco, Octopus Garden, Arcade, Diner etc
  • All mechanical, electrical, plumbing and CCTV throughout the park
  • Other landscaping and finishing
  • Building the offices and storage areas

We have learnt so much from this project, including how to meet seemingly impossible deadlines and exist on minimal sleep, but we are very proud to put our name to this glorious re-imagining of Margate’s fun park heritage!  Dreamland is back!

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